Welcome to Linda Brockinton 2001 National Mountain Dulcimer Champion, Mountain Dulcimer performer, mountain dulcimer workshop instructor, folk music festival
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Linda Brockinton started playing flute at age eleven and has played flute and piccolo previously with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra.  As a music major in college, she won First Chair in several regional orchestras.  Linda began playing mountain dulcimer in 1988 and she has taught dulcimer lessons since 1990.

linda' dulcimerTurlough O'Carolan and Celtic music are favorites of Linda Brockinton and her fingerpicking style of playing the mountain dulcimer bring these songs to life.  Linda has a CD of her favorite Turlough O'Carolan tunes and several Celtic mountain dulcimer tablature books.

Linda has produced several mountain dulcimer tablature books and CDs that contain original compositions and tablature arrangements.  The combination of the tablature books & CDs along with teaching mountain dulcimer at festivals, clubs, and privately allow Linda to follow the folk music tradition of passing on songs and the playing of mountain dulcimers to all who want to share in the adventure.

(McSpadden photograph used with permission.)

McSpadden Mountain Dulcimer made from Koa, the dulcimer Linda Brockinton loves to play - picture used by permission Click to go to the McSpadden website
Linda has always loved McSpadden dulcimers.  She says, "I have a Cherry Custom that I bought, then I won a walnut standard, a cherry/redwood top baritone, a Cherry/spruce top Ginger, a maple/spruce top custom (my personal favorite of them all) and a beautiful Koa Custom that I won at Nationals.  I just love McSpadden instruments and they have been so good back to me."  When McSpadden was contacted about Linda they said, "We are proud of Linda and appreciate that she chooses to play a McSpadden dulcimers.  We certainly wish her well as she continues her musical career."  Linda says, "Their builders are the best."

Linda always said George Looney, who passed away January 30, 2013, was a genius and he was the only one she let work on her dulcimers.  For the last 40 years George worked as a craftsman at The Dulcimer Shoppe in Mountain View.  An avid outdoorsman, George found peace and comfort by spending as much time outside, hiking, arrowhead hunting, doing woodworking projects and working in the yard with Karen -- "Honey" as he called her.  Though not an openly religious man, George always felt closest to God while outside surrounded by nature and God's creatures.  Please let your prayers be with his family.  You can read his obituary HERE

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Meet Linda ats Dulcimerville

Black Mountain, NC


Dulcimerville is intended as a colorful and relaxing vacation for our musical dulcimer friends. We have a history of offering the finest quality classes for mountain dulcimer players, but we're not "formal" about it. We're close to nature on the beautiful Blue Ridge Assembly campus. While accommodations are comfortable and the food nutritious and enticing, we want you to enjoy Dulcimerville's healthy natural environment. Just beyond the Assembly's gates are the quaint mountain town of Black Mountain and many favorite tourist destinations!

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dreamstars twin stars graphicHear Linda's music online at <Sweetwater Folk Internet Radio>dreamstars twin stars graphic

dreamstars twin stars graphicRead Testimonials about Linda and her music <on her TESTIMONIALS page!!!>dreamstars twin stars graphic

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What's New...

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An interesting article Linda wanted to share...

The Medical Benefits of Music Therapy

A 2007 survey of U.S. health facilities by the Society for the Arts in Healthcare, along with the Joint Commission and Americans for the Arts, found that of the 1,923 facilities, 35% offered some type of music to patients.

Besides promoting relaxation and reducing stress, music therapy has been shown to affect sleep patterns, improve stroke patients' memories and decrease the amount of sedation medication needed for some patients.

Claudius Conrad, senior surgical resident at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, led a study published in December in the journal Critical Care Medicine that attempted to identify changes the body undergoes while listening to music.

The study looked at patients in the ICU who were on mechanical breathing machines.  The group that was exposed to Mozart piano sonatas experienced marked decreases in stress hormones and in cytokines -- one of the chemicals responsible for regulating the body's response to trauma.

There was also a substantial increase in the production of growth hormones, which helps the body regulate metabolism, particularly during sleep.  The result was a reduction in blood pressure, lowered heart rate and less need for medication to keep patients sedated, compared with the control group, Conrad says.

"If patients could be exposed to music in the ICU they would survive more often, they would leave the ICU faster," he says.  "This would also save costs."

Editor's note:  The use of music in therapy for the brain has evolved rapidly as brain-imaging techniques have revealed the brain's plasticity -- its ability to change -- and have identified networks that music activates.  Armed with this growing knowledge, doctors and researchers are employing music to retrain the injured brain.

Studies by the authors and other researchers have revealed that because music and motor control share circuits, music can improve movement in patients who have suffered a stroke or who have Parkinson's disease.  Research has shown that neurologic music therapy can also help patients with language or cognitive difficulties, and the authors suggest that these techniques should become part of rehabilitative care.  Future findings may well indicate that music should be included on the list of therapies for a host of other disorders as well.

Read the article about how
<Music Therapy Helps Arizona
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Find Her Voice

Read more about
<Tuning Out Your Pain HERE>


Dulcimer Diva Donna DunkleI am very sad to say that we lost Miss Donna this year (2012).  She was a dear friend, a Diva for sure and a true patron of the arts.  She loved the soft side of the dulcimer working diligently on her fingerpicking.  More importantly she loved people and she loved life.  She will be greatly missed this year.
Rest in peace Miss Donna...
We Love You and Miss You.

Donna Dunkle Dulcimer Diva Donna Dunkle Dulcimer Diva

Attend the Diva Dulcimer Retreat
in the fall of 2013  !!!

See the flyer HERE or
Contact Linda for information.

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Information on Private Classes Available Here!

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Click for larger picture of David Schnaufer visiting with friends at Kentucky Music Week."When we join the dulcimer world we all have to begin somewhere.  As beginners we stand amazed at the good players around us.  Most go on about their business never noticing that you are struggling and are so desperate to learn to play as well as they can. But there are some who graciously, even when tired, will stop to give you a tip or teach you a tune."

Neil Gaston dulcimer player photo"The first five years that I attended the festival at Mt. View Arkansas there were two people always there and always ready and willing to help.  Neil Gaston was one and David Schnaufer was the other.  They were always there.  I learned "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" from David sitting on the stage behind the big auditorium and I can remember learning "Spotted Pony" from Neil in the restaurant there.  They were tired and probably had other things to do but they took the time to teach me.  There were no players in my area at the time so when you get to have a good instructor you are so happy.  I remember at 45 years old going to Mt. View and I had just changed my tuning to DAd and wanted desperatly to learn to play in that tuning.  I was assigned to a class and went the first hour, where I was devistated to have the teacher take a vote on whether we wanted to play in DAA or DAd.  I came out crying like a baby because I wanted to learn and had spent my money only to stay in DAA.  I inquired to see if I could change to Neil's class.  He had one spot left and took great pity on the old crying lady and let me stay.  They both were very supportive, even when David told me "you're just gonna be a fingerpicker, nuttin' wrong with that".  I also remember how scared and honored I was to get to play "Nancy" with Neil in Oklahoma City.  I learned a lot from Neil and David and things won't be the same in the dulcimer world without them.  I only hope that I can be as helpful to new players as they were to me.  I do know if you listen to players around you now you will know that they are still present here in the songs that are being played.  The knowledge and the love for the dulcimer that they had is all around you in the people they taught.  Thanks Guys -- we will miss both of you.  Thank you for your life's work that has been passed on to so many people.  We love you."
-- Linda Brockinton, the Lowly Fingerpicker
<More about David and his life.>

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For booking information for Birthday Parties, Christmas, Open Houses, Special Church Services and Receptions or to place an order call 501-231-8212
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Information on Private Classes Available Here!

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Linda Brockinton performs dulcimer on YouTubeWatch Linda play on YouTube!!

-- O'Carolans Concerto
-- Going Home
-- It Is Well With My Soul
-- Sheebeg Sheemore
-- Greensleeves
-- Fairy Queen
-- Whispering Hope/Great is Thy Faithfulness

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<See Linda's favorite Irish Blessing here!>

silly photo of Linda
Linda would like to share her memories and friends on her <SCRAPBOOK> page.  Please see the contact information at the bottom of that page if you have something to share.

Check out the <Vintage Dulcimer Pictures here!>

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Linda's Poetry
<Check out Linda's Poetry Page Here!>

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Linda Brockinton
3343 Wise Road
Alexander, Arkansas 72002
Phone: 501-231-8212

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